Thursday, November 20, 2008

Checking In (post dissertation defense "meeting")

Hey, everyone:

This blog as been weirdly quiet these past six weeks.  Where is everyone?  How are you all doing? 

Just a quick update with me.  For reasons that will very quickly become apparent, I can't write much here as this is a public space.  While I have a good sense of who peeks in to this blog (a statcounter), I don't know who these folks are in reality.  So best bet?  Say nothing incriminating.  :-)

I submitted my dissertation to my committee about six weeks ago.  The defense was scheduled for yesterday (November 19th).  There was, um ... , dissention, and um ..., issues, and um ..., differences that I didn't know about or was prepared for.  Instead of a defense, we had a "meeting."  My defense has been rescheduled for December 10th.

As you probably understand, this has been a very very difficult experience.  (Heh, and I thought writing the damn thing was hard enough.)  I'm not yet sure what to expect in three weeks.  Probably everything will be fine, but I have very little confidence of that fact right now.

I know how busy you all are (and would like to hear how you are all doing), but any extra good vibes you might have going into the next three weeks?  I could use them.