Sunday, January 28, 2007

Getting done

Hello everyone! I've just joined the boot camp and I'm excited to have a nice few months of blogging with you.

I'm a historian of science, working on a dissertation about turn-of-the-(20th)-century medical quackery. I say that I'm joining you for a few months because my current plan is to finish a full draft by early April, in preparation for a mid-May defense! I'm a bit scared and overwhelmed at how soon this seems.

I've had years of procrastinating and dilly-dallying, had personal illnesses and tragedies throw me off course, but I've emerged here in late January with drafts of every chapter, intro and conclusion. My advisor used a pregnancy metaphor to describe finishing the dissertation: now is the time to push. She's going on sabbatical next year, and other folks on my committee go away for the summer, so I have a real deadline. I'm finally at a point where there's no way out but through.

My next milestone is to have Chapter 3 in a final stage by February 1. It's coming together much more quickly than I'd feared. Then it's revising a chapter every two weeks till it's done, or till April, whichever is sooner.

I'm currently feeling pretty stoical about my topic--or, more accurately, fed up. I'm hoping that all of your enthusiasm will wear off! I also noticed that many of my fellow bootcampers are in the early stages of their diss. I'm happy to give advice and tell true stories of how I got from there to here. Nice to meet you and bonne chance!


chris said...

welcome Suzanne!

Billie said...

Hi, Suzanne, and welcome to DBC! We are glad you are here and we (ok, I'm speaking for everyone and I shouldn't do that), and *I* look forward to hearing how you got through the procrastination and stress to actually produce a dissertation. :-)

Abby said...

Definitely, welcome Suzanne! And good for you, being so close to done. Jealousy abounds.

Meagan said...

This is a bit late-- but I wanted to say "hi" too!

So, um,