Monday, January 22, 2007

Not Such a Productive Day (but I refuse to beat myself up over it)

Today I was to have met with my advisor to discuss my current chapter, but I was unable to meet with him (issues with my daughter and her car being broken into). [He's also not at the same university where I am. It's a drive to see him.] It seems, though, that so much gets in the way of writing the dissertation, of meeting with advisor, of just doing the work of dissertating. I don't think I intentionally sabotage my efforts, but it does seem like it sometimes. The car gets broken into? I have to schedule student conferences? I have to attend meetings that can't be scheduled any other time? The dog needs a bath? The curtains need changing? Something always seems to get in the way. I wonder, though, if I don't just place those things in the way . . .

However, I will not berate myself over it all. I'm keeping to my goal of writing something everyday. I'm reading each day and making notes . . . and it's all coming together. Just very very slowly. Tomorrow will be a better day. It will.

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Abby said...

I remember my mother calling me one night and asking what I was doing. "Dishes," I told her. "Ah, you've got a paper due, huh?" "Yep. What're you doing?" "Cleaning closets." "Test coming up?" "Yep." (My mother works at a college and takes a course each semester or two)

I think we all do this. I can't write until I organize my desk. I can't write until I do the dishes. I'll be too distracted if I don't vacuum first. I have to comment on student papers first. I'll just get my lesson planning out of the way. We've got NO food in the apartment and how am I supposed to write without Roasted Garlic Triscuits?

Maaan, if you're writing everyday, there's never a reason to beat yourself up. That's amazing. Go you.