Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Hello bootcampers! How is your work coming?

I got stuck on a certain point in my chapter, and I took the evening off and read an amazing YA novel called Life as We Knew It.

What nice things have you given yourself lately? Rewards for the work you do, incentives to do more?


Meagan said...

I perhaps reward myself more than I should-- but lately I've been watching "Arrested Development" on DVD. It's a brilliant, foolish show.

chris said...

i've been rewarding myself by procrastinating. last night i finished watching Casablanca and then turned on AMC to watch Casualties of War with Michael J. Fox and Sean Penn.

in fact, i think there's been a lil too many carrots and not enough ploughing lately.

Abby said...

I fourth the "too many carrots" idea, but that's pretty much my personality -- too many rewards, not enough work. But when I'm really trucking and need a break, I tend to watch Heroes, Buffy, or Angel. Also, meals with friends. Oh, and blog surfing.

See? Too many carrots.