Thursday, April 26, 2007

How much does this suck?

Yeah, I've got bronchitis. And maybe strep throat. And apparently my Dr. is worried that it could turn into pneumonia so I'm on some hard-core meds that are really doing a number on my stomach.

The upside is the cough syrup with codeine that I got today. Hooray Codeine! (you should hear the Hooray Beer! commercials there).

So yeah, this sucks. In the grand scheme, it could certainly suck worse, but still.

I finally got my students' issue analyses back to them and have to get to their rewrites soon. Classes end here on May 7th and I get final projects and more rewrites (yipee) on the 9th. I'm hoping to have everything graded by that Friday (11th). Then it's on to the collection of student writing that I edit. That'll be done by mid June. Then, THEN, I can get back to diss land. The sort of cool thing is that I've got this (massive -- that's less cool) stack of books that I'm actually excited to read.

So that's the ups on me. Hope all y'all are healthy and productive.


Billie said...

Oh, Abbey! I'm sorry you are sick. Doesn't it always come at the end of a semester?!?!?!?!

Feel better soon!

Abby said...

Thanks Billie. I know, right? Horrible timing. But at least I'm not taking classes anymore. I don't know how I'd write seminar papers like this. Hopefully the drugs will kick in soon and I can get back to work. For now I'm trying to concentrate on the fact that hey, since I can't actually focus long enough to do any work, I can watch, oh, I don't know, Casino Royale again. Gotta think positive! :)

mary beth said...

It sounds like you are stil getting an incredible amount done, sick or no. And at least the semester is nearly over, so there won't be too many new student submissions. Hang in there, and Go Codeine!

Suzanne said...

Oh, poor Abby. Good luck on your incredible pile of projects!