Sunday, April 15, 2007

You Guys Will Be Famous!

Hello, everyone. I'm back from Houston and the IWCA (Int'l Writing Center Association) Conference. All went well, and my talk was well received. While I didn't mention any of you by full name (first name, yes), I did share a few of your comments during my talk about dissertation writing groups. There was a lot of head-nodding when I talked about our desire for our work to "brilliant" and how that desire can push us to an inability to produce. I spoke about one of our member's "writing process" and how that allowed us all to reexamine our own processes. I even included a snippet of one member submitting a 28-page section of work to her advisor and we could all chime in with a, "you go, girl!"

A bit of good news, I think: One woman-- a dean at a SMLAC-- mentioned that I should polish the "talk" and publish it, that it was something other dissertators would need to know. This from a woman who has published scads and scads o' stuff. I wouldn't know where to begin with a publication endeavor, but anyway, that was fun news to hear.

But as far as *my* dissertation progress: I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon with my director, and I will give him three sections of information (info not yet formed into chapters). One is a narrative about a specific student athlete and his/her writing experiences in my class and how this particular student was very effective at storytelling (and how that plays a part in this student's culture). Another section is the beginnings of a section on learned helplessness, and how this particular section of student athletes can exhibit LH tendencies. Lastly, I'll give him the beginnings of a section on teaching / coaching and how these activities overlap. (Here, I think, Chris and I have overlapping ideas.)

My director doesn't specifically want to see sections of work; he wants to see me moving forward with the writing. So . . . move forward I will.


chris said...

that's cool news, B!
and if you can get a publication out of this lil social experiment of ours, by all means, do tha thang!

RE: the "overlap" b/n our r-s ::
one of the things i've been doing for about a month and a half or so is randomly dropping in over at the athletic department and chatting with coaches (and, to a lesser extent, athletes). just as the coaches in the handful of (auto)biographies that i've read, the coaches at my institution consider themeslves educators. most of them are highly attuned to and cognizant of how their athletes learn best. and many of them have highly developed phylosophies not just about their sport, but about how to teach their sport to various personality types and learning abilities.

though i don't have IRB approval just yet, i think i'm gonna start carrying my digital recorder around with me (to begin to familiarize myself with it for when i start collecting the "real" data). some of the convos i've had with these coaches have been really interesting... but i won't go on about it here. :)

Abby said...

I'm so glad the conference went well. And really, who WOULDN'T want to hear about all of us? : ) Also glad to hear that you're trucking along on your own work.