Monday, May 7, 2007

I Am, Too

Way to go, elle!

I've just got a little proofreading left.

Here's a few things I found while finishing up.

It's apparently not all that unusual to have a bit of an identity crisis right after you send your dissertation off to your committee. Sort of a "What do I do now? Why did I do this in the first place? What does it all mean? Who am I?" kind of thing.

Along those same lines, it's apparently not all that unusual to feel like you're turning in something incomplete--something that's not as good as it could or should be. You have to remind yourself that it's NOT done, right? This is just a really good draft of your future spectacular book.

Big, big surprise...dissertation defenses don't have to be terrible! Mine was just a really useful conversation with five highly intelligent and talented people who seem to want me to succeed. It was almost...dare I say, pleasant? I think the key is to make sure everyone on your committee is balanced and sane. I have a great advisor whom I trust enormously, and I basically let her decide who should be on the committee. Turned out to be the best move.

Even if the defense goes well, you still manage to find stuff to fret about afterwards--like, did I say something stupid when they took me to lunch afterwards? Did they notice the massive run that appeared in my stockings five minutes before the defense started? Could they tell I was sweating?

All of the anxieties and uncertainties wear away within days after the defense, however, and then you get to bask in the glow of a completed least until the job list comes out.

One last thought...If I can finish a dissertation, anyone can. I'm not kidding. It's nice if you're brilliant (something I've never claimed to be) but the real key is to be persistent.


Meagan said...

I'm glad to hear your defense went so well. Congrats, Dr.!

Abby said...

Rock on, Sharonica. Good for you! Great advice and inspiration. My cup runneth over with jealousy. :)

Billie said...

That's great news, Sharonica, er, Dr. Sharonica! :-) CONGRATS!

Like Abby, I'm so jealous!!!!! :-)

Suzanne said...

Congratulations, Dr. Sharonica!

Algernon said...

Dr Sharonica,

Congratulation on defending your dissertation.

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