Monday, May 14, 2007

New to the Boot Camp, But Not to Dissertating

Hi everyone. I took up Billie's suggestion and decided that it would be helpful to post my progress and carouse with the other dissertating soldiers here. I'm in Rhet/Comp and have been developing a rhetorical theory focused on motivating people to intervene by applying psychological studies to rhetoric. Then I examine what this rhetorical theory means in three sites: an activist site, the site of writing for intervention, and the writing classroom.

I was lucky and got a really neat post-doc-type job for next year, so I have to hurry up and graduate in August. I've managed, actually, to turn in second drafts of all the chapters to my advisor. She's gotten me back three chapters, which I'll turn over to my readers this week. It's a crazy process. For a long time I was working and working and working and never feeling like I got anywhere. Then suddenly things were getting done.

My readers have very little time to turn things around. And I've been working crazily every day. In fact, the only reason I sound at all calm right now is that I am ready to send out my chapters to my readers, and my advisor hasn't gotten the other chapters back to me yet. So I'm actually in a lull. For the first time in ages, there's no reading or writing to be done. I could read for fun. I could write a poem. Of course, I'm watching TV. It feels luxurious. I can't wait until this is O-V-E-R.

Good to be here with the other PhreakeD out people!


Meagan said...

Hi! Glad to meet you-- I'm hoping some of your productivity karma will rub off on me.

(Does karma work that way? Probably not.)


Abby said...

Working crazily everyday? What a novel concept. :)

I'm with Meagan and hoping there's some sort of special DBC karma that DOES work that way.