Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How's Everyone Doing? Goals for the June?

Wow, it's been almost two weeks since anyone's posted here. How are you all doing? Dissertating? Researching? Vacationing? Procrastinating?

Me? I was going at a good clip until I left for Florida and read 1400 AP Language exams. (A longer post coming at P-n-P tomorrow.) That's right: 1,400 essays. In seven days. The ol' brain cells stopped working each day at 4:45 and I was unable to write, read, think. I walked along the beautiful Daytona Beach shore . . . took some pictures . . . and slept. But I'm home, a little more rested, and ready to get back to work on the dissertation.

I am in dire need of some accountability, so I will make some smallish goals here and will post my results at the end of the day. So tomorrow (Wednesday), I will move back to the Introduction . . . incorporate some feedback I received from a colleague, meet another reader for lunch and receive her comments, and revise as much as I can at this stage. I will also begin a little section for another chapter -- a narrative about a particular student athlete. Since I just read those (largely very poor) AP exams, I'm in the mode of reading student work. I have a sense of comparison now-- between what those students were able to write and what my student was able to write. Yes, I know the contexts are very different and the students were (probably) very different, but it is writing . . . and I think I've got something to say about it all.

What are your goals for the latter half of June? Anything we can help you do?

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