Thursday, July 5, 2007

Goals for July

Hi folks!

My goals for July are...

I'm taking the month off. I can't see why I was driving myself to finish this summer. I don't have a job to get to, none of the jobs I'm applying for require a PhD, my advisor isn't leaving the country till January, and if I delay graduating I can work at the U in the fall.

I'm still super burned out from this spring's family emergencies, and from writing nonstop all spring, so I'm taking the month to go to the beach, make pickles, and read Georgette Heyer novels. And work two jobs, yes--but at least I won't be writing. My dissertation support group (IRL) told me that I needed to choose to take the time off, rather than not doing the work and feeling bad about it. The time off would have happened, no matter what, but I feel very light and happy that I intentionally gave myself the time.

Happy summer and good luck to everyone!


Abby said...

Good for you. I'm insanely jealous of the time off, but it sounds like it was a good choice, and your group is SO right: toss the guilt. Just recoup. Sounds like a lovely idea -- enjoy!

PhD Student said...

cool. unfortunately, i cannot do it now. have to work hard for a paper deadline.... uuu...

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