Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Job Market Loometh

For those of us going on the market this year, I imagine the upcoming job list looms large. It certainly does for me. All other work seems to have been put on hold. Instead of working on my next dissertation chapter, I've been revising my c.v., writing cover letters, writing my teaching philosophy, and putting together my portfolio. I've also made sure to set up interfolio and start talking to my references about writing letters. It's pretty much all-consuming.

I'm on top of it, but just barely. My writing sample needs LOTS of work and my cover letters and philosophy will probably need at least one more revision. I'd like to get working on my rhetorical listening chapter -- and writing my presentation for the feminisms and rhetorics conference in October -- but I'm pretty much stuck in market mode.

Anybody else in the same boat? Or any suggestions from those who have successfully navigated these waters?


mary beth said...

Hi Abby,

I'm going on the market this year too, and you're way ahead of me it sounds like. I've started the Interfolio acct, have a diss chapter draft to revise (so my cmte will see a chapter before writing recommendations), and started panicking about the Job List release at the end of the week.

So, other than spending time freaking out, it sounds like the process is going very well for you. When I talked about things with my dissertation director over the summer, she suggested that it's best just to clear October for nothing other than job stuff. So, I'm trying for a mad dash to get the other parts of my life in order (stocking up on cat food, for instance)so that I may get through the next bit of time. :-)

Seems like you're doing great!

Mary Beth

Abby said...

Thanks Mary Beth. Sounds like you're in good shape too. I'd like to be further ahead than I am, but that's always true, I suppose.

Best of luck to us both!