Monday, October 8, 2007


Oh, right, accountability? Good call Billie. As for me, it's the same old goal I've had for the last two weeks (months?). By October 15th I need a solid draft of my article/writing sample. Right now I have 7.5-8 pages. I'm pretty swamped this week, which is not good timing. I'm observing all of my mentees' classes this week and meeting with all of them about it. My university is putting on a conference this Friday and Saturday and I have two doctor's appointments on Friday. Yikes. So I need to use my time better than I did today. Had a good friend in a funk today, so I spent about two hours with him. I'm not willing to sacrifice those sorts of things, and don't need to, IF I can get my butt in gear when I actually have the time to work.

So, goals:
1. Better time management this week (and trying not to laugh about that goal)
2. Finish a draft of my article/writing sample by October 15th
3. Send draft to trusted readers on the 15th.
4. Send out job applications that are all ready to go and sitting in sealed envelopes on my desk.

That oughta do it.