Friday, October 5, 2007


I constantly reorganize my office. I have a full file of school file supplies.
I've got a good system of to do lists, staplers, memo boards and shelving.
I usually remember where things are now.

A decade has past since I worked as a secretary, I now have the skills to scare away the secretary I was. I can handle books and paper.

So, all the writing starts, and stops, and start overs...
I'm already feeling like a children's book about a windy day at the post office.
I like to do a fair amount of writing long hand.
I like to free write off of something already started.
I like to be/have to be mobile with my work.

I have too many notebooks and my laptop recently crashed.

One good thing that has been happening is that between now and June I've committed to three different conferences with three different papers about three different section of my dissertation. I now have a wonderful mini schedule for my writing progress, and I have an orange folder with 8 sections for these three conferences, my proposal, my writing starts.
Choosing orange shows good insight into how to keep my attention on my project.

I need hindsight on the habits I can develop for handling all the bits of paper and writing. Laptop habits? Desktop filing and saving habits? How can I keep it simple before I start collaging important sentences and sections to the wall beside me?

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