Saturday, November 24, 2007


Truth time: I've been avoiding this blog because I haven't been writing. In my defense, I've been reading (slowly), and thinking, and job searching, but not writing. Today, though, I hit nearly 3,000 words. I wanted to keep pushing just to hit 3,000 (I'm at 2938 or something), but I need to reread a section of Burke before I can go on. So it was pointless. At this rate, I'll hit my target by the end of the month, but I'll need to make sure I push. If I can do another 2,000 words tomorrow, which I think is possible, then I'll be half way there. I have a lot more to say in this chapter, so that's no problem, but organizing and writing is.

I'm working right now off two Don Murray lines. The first is pretty much synonymous with Don Murray, at least at UNH: Never a day without a line. I'm trying to stick to that. The other was taped to the top of his monitor: Let it be shit.

Good advice from the man in the red suspenders.

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