Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Checking in (again) and a Recommitment

Hi, everyone. Sorry I've been MIA, more or less, these past couple of months. I could list a bunch of excuses why, but they are just excuses. I have, though, made some decisions the past few days that have severely refocused my goals. A much needed refocusing, I would say. (Just as Abby noted in an earlier message, I, too, have been avoiding this space because I felt guilty that I wasn't producing anything.)

That said, I'm (re)committing to checking in here again each week, and outlining my progress on the dissertation. I can't go into it right now, but I have about six months to finish this work. OK, that sounds really dire. My life isn't in danger if I don't finish, and there are no hit men [or women] after me if I don't get it done right away or anything. But trust me: I need to get it done.) Last summer, I took three weeks of vacation and just cranked out **a lot** of writing. I am going to be on "vacation" the next two weeks and while I have to work the first week of January, there's not much to do. I will, then, commit the next three weeks to the diss and see what I can produce. That's the plan.

Anyway, I hope you will all continue to jump in and leave comments -- or more importantly -- chart your own progress.

So, to date:

  • Chapter 3: The methodology chapter is 98% finished (a few citation clarifications needed)
  • Chapter 4: The first case study is done; the second case study is 75% complete; the third case study is 50% complete.
  • Chapter 5: Alternative Programs and Pedagogies (outlined and short narratives started)

Over the next few days (after final grades are submitted tomorrow afternoon), I will finish the case study #2. I'm giving myself a deadline for Monday.

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