Monday, December 24, 2007


Hello all. I know we're all recommitting here, but I need to hold off on that a bit. I'm off to Chicago the day after tomorrow (as I believe a few of us are) and my attention is currently on interviews, not my dissertation. When I get back I'll give myself a day or two off to recover, then I'm hoping to write like mad for two weeks. I didn't hit my 10,000 word goal. I only made it to 7,000 or so. But the job market is more immediately pressing. Still, post Chicago I'll need to get back to the dissertation, because a job won't work so well if I don't have that diss done.

So somewhere around January 2nd or 3rd, I'm recommitting. Wish me luck and best of luck to all of you. And best of luck to those of us on the job market. Here's to new jobs in the new year.

And, of course, Happy Holidays to all.

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