Saturday, January 12, 2008

How about starting at the beginning...

Hi folks - Just a quick post to introduce myself.

My name is Rebecca. Some of you may have stumbled on my more broad-based blog. (It tends to be kind of stream of consciousness or whatever is annoying me/happening on a given day.)

I am just starting to work on my dissertation proposal in Education Policy. (Specifically I am looking at what traits make a student more or less likely to be successful in charter schools.) I am at an R1 in the southwest.

My progress is likely to be slow this term. I have been invited to a seminar in late March for "outstanding" graduate students that is intended to help us formulate our proposals. That means the focus of the next few months will be on the theoretical/philosophical issues of my work; thinking and conceptualizing really.

I'll stick my head in here from time to time and post an update, encouragement, my own whining, etc. Thanks for welcoming me!


Meagan said...

Welcome! I just had a look-see over at your blog- interesting stuff.

Billie said...

Hi, Rebecca! Welcome to the group. I look forward to hearing more about your work.