Saturday, February 2, 2008

February Goals (January Goals met)

Hi, all-- I followed the Jerry Seinfeld method of productivity, and it worked. At least for January. I kept a calendar on the wall above my desk at home, and each that I worked on the dissertation, I placed a big "X" on that calendar square. I'm not exactly sure why Thursdays were not such good days for me, but now that I see it on a calendar, I can be more cognizant of those days. Overall, I think this wasn't bad progress. I worked almost everyday (save Thursdays), and I did this through a sprained knee and the flu. Oh, and the beginning of the spring semester. Not too shabby.

Since I'm such a nonlinear writer, sitting down at the keyboard and stating that I will produce 1,000 words before I get up .... well, that's hard for me. I have used the kneading dough analogy before.... I wrote some, then I go back to another section and knead that, then knead another section, then come back to that part I just wrote and start that kneading process .... so coming up with that word count is hard, but I can do a page count (OK, sort of. I can sort of do a page count.) Right now I have five of the eight chapters drafted ... some more drafty than others, but drafted nonetheless. As I work on one, I go back to another and tweak. I'm sure my process would drive anyone else crazy.... as it does me that way most of the time. But eventually, it gets done, and I like the end result.

But my goal for February is to write everyday... and if I can't actually sit at the keyboard and produce words, I'll do some research, I'll work on my EndNote references, I'll do something diss related. However, I will send the case study chapter to my advisor by the end of next week (it's over a 100 pages long and I'm sick of it -- not the subjects -- but sick of the chapter). I will complete the lit review by the end of February.

Lastly, anyone want to exchange drafts? We've tried that here before with varying degrees of success (thanks Chris!). Anyone? Anyone?

How about you? What are your goals for February?


Abby said...

Spiffy new look for DBC, Billie. Very nice! And that calendar is uber-impressive!

Billie said...

Thanks, Abby! Like the militaristic look for the blog? (It's funny . . . I'd never really thought of "boot camp" as a military term, but if that's what it takes to get through . . . that kind of discipline and focus, I'm all over it). :-)

I like the calendar idea . . .seeing those little checks add up is really kinda lame, but I appreciate external validation.