Saturday, February 9, 2008


Each Wednesday this semester is my "writing day." I've been using incentives to keep my butt glued to the chair so I can get writing done on those days. So far, it's been working. If I work long enough (timewise) or write enough (length wise), I treat myself to an outing where I can take photographs. I've been to the Japanese Gardens, the Zoo, a park . . . natural type places that soothe me in weird ways. This morning, I'm settled down to write, and this afternoon, I'm heading to a basketball game where I can -- you know -- take more pictures. The incentives keep me motivated to produce something.

What motivates you? What incentives do you use?

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Abby said...

Hmm, I seem to have no good incentives lately. And I'm not really getting any work done. Maybe I need to come up with one.