Thursday, April 24, 2008


Just trying to remain accountable here as my deadline creeps closer. This is just a comment about my progress, so feel free to skip it.

Although I do want to say that while it's not a scary dissertation photo, I can tell you about the very vivid and horrible nightmare I had a week or two ago. It's very Anne Lamott. In it, I had to turn in the rough draft of my dissertation and that's what I had to defend. My rough drafts tend to be freewrites and chapter 3, in particular, is an absolute disaster, but for some reason that's all I had, so that's what I gave to my committee. It was awful. In part because it was so completely plausbile.

On a more positive note, my friend Kelly (whose not on this blog, but still) successfully defended her dissertation in comp / rhet yesterday. It can be done!

As for me, I talked over chapter 4 with my chair and she doesn't seem to think it's as much of a mess as I think/thought it is/was. I need to rewrite the last section and expand on that, condense and reorganize a good chunk, be more consistent in my terminology, and work on organization. I'm planning to revise it and send it back to her by May 1st.

And then I'm planning to panic because we'll be into May and my diss is due on the 21st.

Yep, there's that rising feeling of panic again. Dissertating cannot be good for one's health.

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