Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Update, Too

OK, I left this in a comment to Abby below, but since you guys are doing it, I'm going to post my own, too.

My writing has slowed over the past month or so. A lot. I'm waiting on feedback from a number of people on a couple of chapters and I can't seem to get it together to write without knowing where I am (in terms of where they think I am). I hate being dependent like that . . . but there you go. I did talk with advisor the other day, and he has agreed that my initial diss plan was waaaaaaaay too ambitious given the constraints of a dissertation. We have agreed to trim the work back to something manageable and finishable . . . and I could not be happier about that decision. I was drowning in data. The data, however, can be used elsewhere . . . and that's the second part of our plan.

I'm still unsure exactly how to proceed now without that feedback, but my writing plan is to start tomorrow on the "findings and analysis" chapter and just base that work on the case studies. Ultimately that work will be useful even if it doesn't appear in that kind of chapter. We'll see.

So, similar to how Meagan describes her writing process, I am a writer who has to dump the words all over the page (or the Anne Lamott's phrasing, I have to "vomit" all over the page), then I go back and clean it up. Now isn't that a lovely image? ;-)

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