Saturday, April 19, 2008


Just a quick update: I finished the revision of my lit review yesterday. I'm trying to work on my introduction today (I'm on page 8 of, I'm guessing, 12-15 -- brief intro) but I'm burnt. I'll keep trucking for a bit, but then have to go to the grocery store and do that other-life kind of stuff. That weird other realm that's NOT related to my dissertation, but includes things like dishes, grocery shopping, taking out the trash, lunch, and meetings.

How's everyone else doing?

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Abby! Thanks for posting this. Sometimes I think you, Meagen and me are the only folks posting here anymore. But I'm glad you are on task. It encourages me to be on task, too.

I'm about to finish a blog post, take a shower (I refereed this morning), then I'm spending the afternoon writing. I have an article to finish and send to a co-author, then I'm going to start in on my "findings and analysis" chapter (findings from the case studies).

Anyone else?