Monday, May 12, 2008

Feedback Received, All Missions Go!

Hi, campers--

I received feedback from diss advisor yesterday -- it took a long time, but the changes he suggested were very thoughtful, but they are minimal (maybe five comments over 150 pages).* Now, I must move forward with the meat of the work-- the findings and analysis chapter. I've been outlining this chapter as I went back through my data the past few weeks and looked for implicit arguments I need to now make explicit.

The full-time aspect of my job begins today (not that I didn't work full-time before, but I had more control of when I spent my time). Today, I work an 8-5 job sitting behind a desk waiting for students to come by for tutoring. It's not a lot of fun. However, with this time that I have to be here and since I have little else to do when I'm here, I will focus on this dissertation. Maybe August is a realistic possibility now.

(*) Should I be worried about this?


Abby said...

Do NOT be worried about the lack of comments -- be excited and relieved. You should be both happy and proud of yourself for such good work, particularly while also working a non-dissertation job. So incredibly impressive, Billie, seriously.

Bionic-Woman said...

I agree with Abby re: not worrying about the lack of comments. Oooh August as a realistic possibility of the prospect of waking up in the morning and not having to dissertate. Wonderful. All the best as you get to that point.

Hootah said...

Rejoice in the minimal commentary! I, too, think it reflects your strong writing and overall good work. :)

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