Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday and 301(+) words

OK, This week -- my first week of summer "vacation"(*) -- I've spent probably 6 concentrated hours a day devoted to writing the dissertation. Know how many words I've written? 301. In about 20 hours.


If word court was the only thing I measured, I'd be depressed, deeply and sadly depressed. But word count isn't the only thing. I've been revising the two chapters my advisor returned to me with those small five comments that ultimately encouraged some revision that has taken a week to flesh out and make clear. But that's OK. The work needed to be done. Those chapters are now done -- as far as I can tell. (**) I have also been outlining the next chapter (based on the case studies that are now finished).

Now, I'm onto the next major chapter-- findings and analysis-- the outline I've been working on.

(*) My "vacation" is that I don't teach in the summer, but I work in a Writing Center, 8:00 to 5:00 every day . . .

(**) Do any of you have the experience of reading back over your work -- work that you and your advisor thinks is polished -- and finding stupid typos? I'm finding them all over the place. I type "as" instead of "at," for example. Chris will be paying for a transcriptionist. I'll be paying for a proofreader.


Abby said...

** Billie, you gotta cut yourself some slack here. Just about every book I've ever read has had typos, as have most professional articles. You're just not going to catch every single thing, and nobody should expect you to.

Plus, good for you: two chapters done! That's fantastic!

Billie said...

Thanks, Abby. If it was just a couple of little typos, I wouldn't care. Truly. But in 30 pages of text I (re)(re)reviewed this morning, I found about 20. That becomes problematic. ;-) (Or maybe if I'm lucky, my committee won't even read the thing again and they won't know..... but then I would know). Ugh.

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