Sunday, May 18, 2008

a lot of me

I know you've been hearing a lot from me lately, but the dissertation is, as you might imagine, pretty much the only thing I'm doing. So I think about this blog quite a bit.

Right now I'm leaving the grad carrels to try to find a poem that I want to use in my conclusion. My conclusion, by the way, is insane. My chair will most likely hate it. It's all weird and personal and borderline new-agey. it's not what I thought I would write. but at least right now, it's all I have. and maybe all I seem capable of.

Here's my advice:  if you can avoid having to write anything new in the few days before your dissertation is due, avoid it. My brain is so foggy and weird right now. It's like synapses are misfiring, hitting all the wrong stuff. But I'll finish this weirdo conclusion tonight, then copyedit chapter 4. My chair has my chapter 3 revision now (that's my weakest link, chapter 3) and my intro revision and I'll maybe need to do a little more revision on both of those. I'd like to be done with all of that tomorrow night so that I can use Tuesday for formatting, fixing my works cited, and such. Then printing and distributing on Wednesday.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. 
It may be a train.


Billie said...

That light might be a train coming, Abby, but it'll be a train that'll take you away from the grad carrels and away from all the craziness (Crazytown, notwithstanding). Hang in there. It's almost over.



Abby said...

Thanks Billie. I'm doing my best. Today, when I got to campus? No power. Yep, the power was out. The library was open and running on a generator, so there were a few lights, but it's finals week here, so it was still pretty packed, all of us working by the light of our laptops.

Happily, it's back on now.