Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One more day

So this whole thing is due tomorrow. Tomorrow! I'm still shocked at that. There was a part of me, probably is still a part of me, that didn't think this thing would ever be done. I just imagined myself writing it, never really having it written. The weirder thing is that I can't really remember writing it. I remember revising, but the first drafts are all a blur. Strange. My sisters say that they can remember that childbirth was painful, but they can't remember the specifics of it. Back surgery was like that for me, too. As was the ruptured disc itself. I know I was in a lot of pain, but I can't remember the specifics of it. 

That's how this dissertation feels. I've got the general feel, but I've lost the specifics of writing it.

Anyway, it's down to the wire. Today I need to revise my conclusion, which I'll have almost done in a half an hour. I have to skim an article that one of my committee members is sending me -- it won't take me long -- so I can incorporate it into the conclusion. 

Then I need to revise chapter 3 again (it's the bane of my existence, that chapter). Then copyedit them both. Then finish fixing my works cited page. I'd like to get all of that done today.

Then tomorrow I'll format, print, and distribute. 


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KateT said...

Good luck with the final bits....you'll get it done (I remember that last day last year....it was a whirlwind, but you'll get it done). So exciting---it feels so good to hand over the printed copies. Take a good nap tomorrow! And good luck with the defense as well!