Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Streaming tunes inside my head

This is more a request for advice than a contribution. I'm constantly distracted by the buzzing of all sorts of tunes inside my head: “I just wanna feel/real love feel the home that I live in/ cos I got too much life/ running through my veins/ going to waste”. This was this morning's song and even though I like(d) it I now find it annoying; it gets worse when the tune is unpleasant. I've somewhere read a suggestion to write down distracting thoughts as a way to "flush them out" of your head but what do you do when the tunes come streaming into you one after the other? You can't write them down all, can you? Otherwise you would end up memorizing them and condemning yourself to humming them permanently. I know, I score above average on ADHD but it still is manageable, plus I don't have time to follow any special training, let alone going with a shrink (you would definitely need to be very wealthy for that in London).

Ok, it's 8:23 GT, I've been up for 1:30 hours already and haven't moved a finger to get the diss going.


mary beth said...

Stupid Robbie Williams! It's his fault. You know, I wish I knew a good way to get a song out of my head. If I can get rid of one, it's usually replaced by another. If it will make you feel better, I've had Petula Clark's "Downtown" in my head off and on for the last two years! And yeah, my ADHD score is pretty high, too. Sorry my comments aren't helpful, but I do empathize.

liquid distance said...

Well, I guess we can be pals in ADHD then. My tune in the head today was The Cure's "I'm inlove". "Downtown" wouldn't be too bad if you were driving on the highway surrounded by green prairies and grazing sheep, right after you got your dissertation in hard navy blue binding.

Billie said...

I feel for you both, as I get these tunes stuck in my head, too, and they are typically songs I CANNOT STAND! "I Shot the Sheriff," "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (I think that's the title), and there are a few more. To get rid of them, I try to find music I really like and blast it as loud as I can (depends where I am) and I sing (especially if I'm in the car). And I can't sing. But I sing and sing and sing until the other stuff in my head has gone away.

It doesn't always get rid of the awful music and I'm certainly not working on the diss while I do it, but I have fun. ;-)

Abby said...

Yeah, I'm with you all. I wake up with a song in my head, go to sleep with a song in my head, spend the whole day with a song in my head. It's constant. I guess I've mostly just learned to live with it.

Meagan said...

As soon as I become aware that I'm doing it, I change the station to Frank Sinatra singing "The Girl From Ipanema". I heard somewhere that it's a earworm cure. :) I "listen" to that for a while, and then eventually it disappears.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Great comments. Seriously I write best if I play some classical or new-agey spiritual/healing music. Calms down the distractable energy that would otherwise have me fidgeting and getting up every few minutes.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear others suffer (yes, suffer!) from this. But does anyone have the solution? I can only get one song out of my head when another comes in, and that doesn't solve anything. It's worse when it's quiet - yesterday I had to play golf with "A Whole New World" ringing in my head! Help, please.

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