Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 32 (and counting)

Hi, again, all. Today I went back to work after having three weeks of vacation. ("Vacation," heh, a time that I was chained to my desk writing. It was so fun! Wish you'd been there!!!) Anyway, I very quickly remembered why it's taken me so long to get this dissertation finished. I didn't accomplish a whole lot today because, you know, well, work got in the way. I did manage to add about 1,000 words to my lit review after moving some text around, conflating some sections, and constructing a table comparing the top 25 football programs in 2007 with Princeton Review's top 25 academic schools in 2007. The point was to show how there is no overlap between the schools on these lists. But that seems rather obvious now, so I'll probably remove the table tomorrow.

I haven't done much tonight but piddle around on YouTube looking for Springsteen videos (what a time suck). :-) I'm now going to take a hard copy of my chapter and make some hand-written notes for tomorrow.

How's it going for all of you?


Meagan said...

Hey Billie-- I'm rooting for you every day, even if i don't post anything. It must be exciting to be so close to done-- the best dissertation, after all, is a *done* dissertation.


Bionic-Woman said...

Sometimes I think I get in the way if work doesn't. Either way, let's just keep plugging away. If it makes you feel better, my deadline might just be more ambitious than yours. Keep checking in on the blog to see how that's going. Good luck Billie. Dare I say onwards and forwards?