Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 19: Writing Writing Writing

Hi, all-- I said I would check in everyday and stay accountable with my progress. I haven't done that . . . I'm sorry . . . I know how much you all looked forward to my daily whine. :-) Seriously, though, I've been writing. And writing. And writing some more. I'm exhausted. My brain is refusing to think of new words, so I'm using the same old ones over and over. I might have been a tad ambitious about my deadline. I still have 19 days to go, and I need to finish the lit review, write the findings chapter, and edit the intro/conclusion. (Remember, this is a draft going to the committee, not the final project.) It's possible I could get it done. I'm still striving and pushing for the 8/22 deadline.

How's everyone else doing? The school year begins soon. How will this impact your writing?


Abby said...

Keep at it Billie. I found that I was always two days over my deadlines, but those two days were REALLY productive. So going over deadline? Not a terrible thing.

But hitting the deadline (I'm told), is pretty sweet, too. And I know that this time is really hard, but when you're done you won't remember the specifics of the work, you'll just remember how cool it feels to have someone call you Dr.

jerry'sdaughter said...

I know that feeling of being all written out. Clearly the way you get done is to just. keep. going. You are doing it!

I love the comic you posted!

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