Sunday, September 14, 2008

Defending Proposal Soon

I have actual progress to report. Hurray! Spent this summer working page by page to fix a turgid dull repetetive draft of my proposal. Got the word back from my advisor a few days ago :

Your organization, writing, and conceptual framework are very clear. The proposal is in very good shape. I think you are ready to defend.

Shall I tattoo those words onto my forearm?


Billie said...

Whohoo! Congrats, JD! But about the tattoo, I might wait until you were done, then tattoo PhD on your arm. :-)

Abby said...

Hooray! I say tattoo "You are ready" somewhere on you. Or at least write it with a pen.

jerry'sdaughter said...

Billie and Abby

Both good ideas ! My son finds it just a little strange (in a good way) that he has a mom who sends texts and is (kind of) a computer geek. What'll he think when I show up at graduation with tats?

Give me a year or 2 & we'll find out.

Abby said...

You know, people don't seem to do that, to tattoo Ph.D. on them. I think, maybe, because we can, if we want, put those letters after out names on email signatures and such. But I'm telling you, the tat crossed my mind. Honestly.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen anyone with a Ph.D. tattooed on them either. Abby,

It's a truly funny idea. I suppose we'd run the risk of communicating something we did not mean to and being intrepreted as totally elitist . It might be hard to convey that we are celebrating the sheer capacity to guts it out and, to our own shock and surprise,finish.

In truth I am not convinced of the wisdom of a tattoo on a 52 year old body, who knows the eventual wrinkles might cause it to turn into another word! But yet I do consider it.

Abby said...

I know what you mean, JD. I suppose if I were to do it (and I'm not going to), I'd put it somewhere most people wouldn't see. But when my husband did an Ironman, he considered getting a tattoo to commemorate/celebrate the accomplishment. And a lot of the people there already had those tattoos. Now, I can't do an Ironman, but that only took a day. The training took a year, but still. I'll put my six years of a Ph.D. program up against the year of training, you know?

jerry'sdaughter said...

Abby ---

Exactly. It is a triumphant accomplishment to persist against many odds and earn your doctorate. Tatto- or at least major celebration-worthy, for sure.

Bionic-Woman said...

Whoo hoo! Kudos.