Monday, March 9, 2009


Popping back in for another update. I'm in the middle of a couple very busy weeks. Out of town for a campus visit last week, phone interview this morning, talking about my diss in a class of newbie grad students tonight, covering a class tomorrow for a friend who'll be out of town, on my own way out of town mid-week. Another interview at the out-of-town conference, another campus visit next week.

Perhaps amazingly, I am getting a lot of good work done on my diss.

And in unrelated matters, I bought myself an iPod touch this weekend. It is fan-freaking-tastic.

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Billie said...

Hey, Meagan! I've been thinking about you! Were you are Cs this year? I just couldn't do it after all the other travel this year. But check in here and there are folks around who are totally supporting you. (It's just that no one has used the site for a while. We are here, though.)

How's the job hunt going for you? We should catch up on that sometime (FB or Twitter?).

Anyway, you go, girl!