Friday, January 19, 2007

gettin started??

Uh, sorta.

i emailed the director of institutional research at my institution to see if i could get my hands on some data: a breakdown of grades and gpas for student-athletes and regular students for various semesters. He emailed me back saying give him some more details and he'd be happy to provide all the data i wanted! Pretty sweet.

What's not pretty sweet is this: that's the only thing i've done to "get started" on the prospectus. i mean, of course i've already put together some other things via my pilot study etc. But this is the first specifically protocol related thing i've done. Too, i need to get crackin on some article reading. Till now all i've been reading are books. i need to bury my nose in some qualitative and quantitative studies such as the diss that billie sent me last week (thanks, b!).

i still haven't finished Philosophy in the Flesh yet. But that's okay.

Oh, one last thing, once i get my hands on this data (i.e. grade breakdowns) i'm not quite sure what i'll be doing with it. However, as a measurer of performance, i figured that was one logical place to start comparing athletes and civilian students...

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