Friday, January 19, 2007

Let me introduce myself . . .

Hi. I'm Jason, and I haven't started on my dissertation yet, but I will soon. Right now, I'm reading about twelve hours a day, getting ready for my dose of academic hazing, otherwise known as comps. I take them at the end of this month.

After comps, I've gotta get crackin on my 4C's paper. I'm doing a series of interviews with teachers and administrators about using new media in writing classes and TCU's New Media Writing Studio.

My goal is to have a prospectus and a chapter by the end of the semester. That's ambitious, I know, but I'm still holding out hope that I'll have a shot of going on the market next year. We'll see.

I don't have a good blurb about my dissertation project yet, but I'm interested in the technology, and the impact it's had on teaching writing and rhetoric since the 1930's. I plan to look at legislation and several other archives. I'll iron out the details in the upcoming weeks.

Right now, though, I trying to fill my head stuff to regurgitate over six essays over three days of testing (and orals, too). I'm examing in Modern Rhetoric, Literacy/Historiography, and New Media Literacy/Computers and Comp.

Okay, breaks over. Back to Bakhtin.


Billie said...

Hey, Jason! Welcome to DBC (dissertation boot camp). :-) We've all got lofty goals, but together we can reach them. Glad you are here.

Meagan said...

Hi Jason. I'm impressed at your discipline-- reading 12/hours per day. Good luck reading, practicing, sleeping, and on exams.

chris said...

Jason, dude, you're insane! 12 hours!! i'm secretly kind of jealous. wish i could do that.

welcome and good luck.

elle said...

**waves at Jason**