Friday, March 30, 2007

absent but not lacking an agenda

i've been neglectful of The Boot Camp. my bad, folks. i tend to post a lot of stuff over at my place instead of puttin stuff down over here. one reason might be laziness. another reason may be that i actually do feel a sense of responsibility once i commit something to this blog.

i'm back from Cs, and though i didn't get to meet up with k8, billie or meagan, i think the NY trip was generally a success. the two things that i'm committing to now that i'm back:

1. get crackin on layin out the Vygotsky, Lakoff and Johnson, and Merleau-Ponty theories of concept formation.
2. write out my proposed methodology for my qualitative study of student-athletes using Julie Cheville's Minding the Body as my primary model and then supporting/justifying the methodology via such folks as Bishop, Chiseri-Strater, Goldblatt, Newkirk, Smith and Willhelm, Sunstein, Wolcott and others.

though i'll go ahead and use the back-burner metaphor, another exceptionally important diss-related task is to meet with two particular coaches at my institution to begin to butter them up for possibly allowing me access to them and their athletes... i'll be doing this next week fo sho!

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