Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Final Countdown

Who was it that sang that awful song from the 80s anyway? Was it Asia? I can just hear that synthesizer!

So, yes, eight days until my dissertation must be in the mail. Last night, I wrote the conclusion, which means I now have a complete dissertation that just needs some good, solid revising, editing, and formatting before it can be on its way. That was a very good feeling. But then I woke up this morning and realized I had to get all that good, solid revising, editing, and formatting done in just over a week. Then I felt sad.

But it's definitely within the realm of doableness. And so I will do it.


Meagan said...


(I think.) You're right about a continent-named band, though.

That's great. Happy editing!

Abby said...

No worries -- that amount of work in that amount of time is totally do-able. And then, well, then you're like DONE. DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE.

chris said...

shoooot. i wish i could feel so sad as you!

crank that mug out! YOU CAN DO IT!!! allow yourself one break on Thursday to watch either Scrubs or Grey's Anatomy. but other than that, try to push it to the end.

8 days is a lot of hours (192, to be exact). so just go ahead and knock this out so you can post/boast about how your diss is DONE.

Billie said...

Absolutely, knock it out!!! We are all watching you and cheering you on! You can do it! Elle had a dissertation cheer on her blog today. Maybe you need one of those!




Sharonica said...

Oooh! I'm at a loss for words! I'm not kidding...I've been trying to do some late night post-getting-the kids-to-bed revising and words are eluding me big time. I was going to write "Thanks for the..." and got stuck. Encouragement! That's it. Thanks for the encouragement!

My anxieties about getting it all done stem largely from the fact that I've got a sick pre-schooler (strep which I have NOT caught thank GOD) and a very intense soon-to-be toddler to watch over at the same time, so my main writing times are during naptime and after bedtime. But I've got a kid-free stretch of time from Sunday afternoon till Tuesday night, and I think it juuuuust might be enough...

chris said...


"I'm at a loss for words! ... words are eluding me big time. I was going to write "Thanks for the..." and got stuck."
- that's called "dysnomia" or the "tip-of-the-tongue" phenomenon.

i just learned that yesterday while reading Patricia Dunn's Learning Re-abled.

an otherwise useless nugget of information that i seem to accumulate as i read and read and read...

anyway, good luck Sun-Tues!!!
and drink plenty of OJ (vitamin C is magical if you ask me). LOTS of OJ.