Friday, April 20, 2007

Not back to writing

Here's a long-delayed update on my dissertation life:

I'm a month behind on my writing, and for now I have no interest in returning to it.

I've been in my hometown, dealing with a family emergency, and now that I'm back I'm still feeling shellshocked and not capable of much except reading YA novels and hanging out with my cat.

My advisor has been supportive, but I haven't met with her yet to set a new schedule. My defense date was to be in early June, but now, what with academic summer travelers, I don't think I'll be able to get all 5 committee members in a room until right before the fall semester. Probably it will be best if I can just get a draft done and send it to readers, as long as I get the thing out of my hands. My dissertation support group IRL says I should try to do little things, like my illustrations, just to keep my hand in. I'm also still planning on walking in Commencement in May.

Strangely or serendipitiously, potential jobs have decided that this would be the best time to call me for interviews. This is exciting, since the folks that called are from two jobs that would be perfect for me, but I'm having a hard time getting pepped up about it, and I'm not sure how well I acquitted myself on the interview this week. Maybe some time in the sun this weekend will help me prepare for the one on Monday.


Abby said...

You'll get done what you need to when you can. I know that sounds incredibly vague and grossly Dr. Phil, but it's true. You prioritized in exactly the way you should and it will just take a little time to get back into the dissertation groove. You'll get there though. No worries.

chris said...


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