Friday, June 29, 2007

Date & chapter shifting

The more I read about Rogerian rhetoric, the more I think it belongs in my lit review, not my invitational rhetoric chapter. So I'm going to put the inv rhet chapter aside and focus on the lit review. I've moved up my deadline for that. I'm now hoping to have a draft of the article AND a draft of the lit review by July 31st. I've one more book that I want to look at for the Rogerian stuff but our library doesn't have it and it's $40 (used) at amazon, so I interlibrary loaned it. I don't want to wait on that, though. I think I know enough to start writing that section. I can revise or tinker with it when I get my hands on that book. Right now I think I just need to start.

Well, probably tomorrow. I have a few other things I need to take care of today.

I did, however, write a draft of my teaching philosophy the other day and while it's really rough and I'll probably start over, it's at least a start.

So, new goals for June/July:

June: Finish reading materials on Rogerian rhetoric (pretty much done)
July 31: Very rough draft of lit review
Very rough draft of article

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