Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Digging back in

I've been lurking here but not saying much. I've been busy, but it's been a scattered busy that spanned personal and professional things. I'm really happy to report that I finally found a working structure for my lit review-- thanks to some brainstorming and mindmapping. I've also done some reading and summarizing of items that need to go into the lit review.

My goal for myself right now is to keep working-- preferably in the library-- seeing that it's going to be 94 degrees here tomorrow. I'd like to have a rough draft of the lit review done by July 16th.


Billie said...

Glad to see you are working, too, Meagan. I need to move to the library and away from computers that have internet access. GAH! I seem to have so little self-control. I"ll just check my email just this once . . . then an hour later, I get back to writing . . . and no writing gets done!

Meagan said...

I have the same problem. I've gotten to where I don't always trust myself at coffee shops that have free wireless access. Fortunately, I don't mind taking notes and jotting down thoughts by hand. I just transfer it to computer later.