Monday, July 23, 2007

prospectus cloud

it's been a while since i've posted here at DBC, so i thought i'd stop by for a visual update.

(crossposted at Wind Farm - which is cheating, i know...what can i say? i'm being lazy.)

though i see them all over everybody else's blogs, this is the first time i've ever even visited the TagCrowd (which, btw, i always thought was TagCLOUD) website.

it's way more fascinating than i thought it would be to visualize a 20 page document in such a way. the top 6 terms are Literacy, Study, Data, Body, Subjects and Practices. number 7/8 are Physical and Material. and the three theorists i most frequently cite are: Vygotsky, Cheville and Crossley. that Crossley is one of the top three is interesting b/c he didn't even appear in the document until the final draft! and, i suspect that if i were to (re)write the prospectus again a week from now that there could be some other unexpected name pop up.

anyway, here's the CLOUD for my diss prospectus:

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