Monday, August 6, 2007


Well, I finally finished a VERY rough draft of an article that I've been writing. And it has been a serious struggle. The organization is a mess, I don't think the intro works, and the end is falling apart. But it has a beginning, middle, and end so at least there's something to work with.

I have to say that I've been relatively productive this summer. I'm about a week behind my schedule, but given that it's summer, that's not too shabby.

I head home to WI in about a week for my dad's 70th birthday and being productive there will be difficult -- my brother and both my sisters will be in town as well (we all live in different states) so I'll want to spend time with them, as well as with my parents and step-parents. But I'm going to try to set aside 2-3 hours at least 5 days a week to work on my c.v., my teaching portfolio, cover letters, and maybe this article.

The rest of the day? Hopefully swimming.

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