Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hello out there.

Hi all. I'm just checking in. Haven't heard from too many folk lately and was wondering what all y'all were up to. As Meagan noted (and many more probably know), the job list is O-U-T out. I'm on the market this year, so I'm spending too much time on cover letters and c.v.s and not enough time on my dissertation. So be it. The dissertation will get done on time and this is a bit more pressing.

I applied to three jobs today (just the send us your letter and c.v. sort of application) and will probably apply to a few more tomorrow. But I need to get a few more things in order before I send my applications out to the send-us-everything sort of schools. It's exciting and terrifying at the same time.

I'm preparing myself for the possibility of not getting a job this time around -- it certainly happens -- and I'm mostly okay with it. I know what I would do next year to improve my chances, so it would be fine. Not ideal for me, but fine. But, here's hoping that doesn't happen.

Luck to all of you on the market this year!

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