Wednesday, September 19, 2007


i've been such a horrible boot-camper. here, though, are a few updates:

during the last week of July, after 7 freakin drafts of my prospectus, my committee finally approved my diss r-s project.
as a result, in August i received formal notification of my upgraded status to Candidacy (ABD, baby!).
then today i FINALLY received word of my IRB approval from my sponsoring institution (Temple).

even though i didn't have official approval, there was some "data" collecting that i was able to do. however, as of tomorrow, the study will officially begin with vigor. and for those of you who have probably forgotten what i'm even up to, it's an ethnography of the literacy practices of student-athletes. in other words, for the next 8.5 months i'm gonna be a fieldnote-takin fool! pretty sweet, huh.

on the side i've also been working on a draft of an essay for an edited collection. as of late this work may be described most aptly as: half-assed. though i hope this isn't the case, it could be that this lil side-project dissolves into nothingness...especially if the due date creeps up on me...


Denise said...

You're on your way, Chris! Congrats. Will we be seeing you in New Orleans?
BTW, my new blog address is:
The old one
( is still up, but that's more personal stuff. Now that I am getting ready for exams, I decided I needed a new, more reliable space. Drop in and leave a sister some feedback. We geeks have to stick together, you know!

Abby said...

Congrats on the ABDness of you, Chris!