Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Check in before the big writing month of InaDWriMo

I almost feel irritated that I've been writing so much this week--since none of it will count toward my writing goal in InaDWriMo. Ok, so I'm kidding about that, but I'm pretty well chained to my computer and writing. And the amaing thing is that I'm actually liking what I've produced. I have revised, revised, revised. Whew! I really don't think I've spent so much time on a single document before.

I'm happy to report that my writing sample is completed (both in full and short form), and I'm ready to submit an article for review! Woo-hoo! Now, everyone keep your fingers crossed that other people like it as much as I do (except of course, Billie, Abby, and Suzanne--you need to keep your hands free for writing!)

Now, I've gotta get myself ready to write a bunch of job letters in the morning, and then turn to the next chapter.

Hope the rest of you are getting some good work done. Have a great week.


billie said...

Yea, Mary Beth, Abby, Suzanne! I'm excited to get this going. I know we all have blogs and we'll keep track of our progress there, but how about popping in here every now and then and checking in with the group? There maybe (probably are) others lurking on the blog and who want to chime in, too.

Good luck everyone!

Abby said...

I second the good luck call.

Anonymous said...

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