Monday, November 5, 2007

Following Billie's lead with InaDWriMo 2007

I have to say that November began with a bang. A short bang. And I wrote lots of words on Nov. 1. But, almost nothing since then. Not only is revising, and revising, and revising the revisions hard, but, how do you count words at this point? lol. I had to turn my attentions to job applications, and will for a lot of the week, and I'm sending yet another revision to to the full committee this week. And I caught a cold, and with it, some self-pity. That sounds especially pathetic to be complaining to a group where everyone's in the same boat, and maybe even busier than I am. But I'm back on the wagon today.

On the other hand, I'm finding the idea of InaDWriMo 2007 really wonderful in terms of motivation and community. Knowing that there are lots of others busily writing to meet goals is wonderful, and while I'm not really a competetive person, trying to reach a goal I set in terms of words is cool. I've added a second counter to my blog that goes towards the overall dissertation--100,000 words.

Here's my question though, my dissertation is about multimodality, and includes multimodal components, I wonder how the intellectual equivalent to words could be calculated. (This is a similar conversation going on in my English dept. among writing instructors.)

Back to the salt mines. Hope everyone is making good intellectual progress--even if there aren't word count equivalents. :-)


Abby said...

As official welcoming committee for the pity-wagon, I say welcome aboard! Writing is hard, having a cold absolutely sucks, and applying for jobs can be soul-crushing and back-breaking. I say complain away Mary Beth. You've earned it.

mary beth said...

Thanks, Abby. Did you manage to get some reading done today?