Monday, November 5, 2007

Checking in with InaDWriMo 2007

I've been writing, but the writing has been slow. So far, I've written about 3,000 words . . . I know that's not bad, but it's painful writing. I wish that InaDWriMo counted TIME as well as WORDS. For example, I spent three hours working out the statistics in a table yesterday, a table that still isn't finished (I'm not much of a math person . . . and this is simple math, percentages, but this is a whole other post). But that table only has about 250 words. It's all good, though, right?

How are you coming along?


Abby said...

That's 3000 more than I have, Billie, so good on ya. I'm reading this week before I can start writing. The good part about that is by next week I should be able to sit for 20 minutes at a time, so that will make actual writing easier.

This whole writing a dissertation thing is tough, huh?

mary beth said...

Good job, Billie! And you're getting important thinking done it sounds like, Abby.

I've written 4012 words, but that was all in the first 2 days, and it was towards job apps, rather than the diss.

I agree with you too, Abby. The dissertation thing is hard. And it really gets in the way of life, and vice versa! Other than the sitting and scar and such, how are you feeling?