Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Case Study Chapter

I hate the case study chapter.

I can't seem to leave it alone. I tweak it. I revise it. I clarify it. I agonize over it. I edit it. I want to burn it. However, today I added 1,007 words to the already massive 28,508 (yes, I have one chapter that now has just under 30,000 words). That equates to 115 pages. One chapter. One long-ass chapter that I hate. One long-ass chapter that I hate that is as long as my Master's Thesis and is as long (or longer) than some dissertations I've read (not those in the humanities, but still).

And I'm still not done with it.

In reading back over it (and over it and over it and over it), I realized today that the last case study subject is not quite as developed as the other two. I do need to (eventually) move back to "Eric" and be as fair and equal to his work as I was with "Sean" and "D'Ante."

But later. I have got to look at something other than these blasted pages.

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