Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A little news

I'm sure Abby will chime in on this herself, but I like to be a cheerleader. Abby submitted her diss to her committee today. I saw her in the English office, where she was copying, hole-punching, and organizing six giant stacks of paper. She's been working really hard (and writing some brilliant stuff), so it must feel good to have it out the door.

Yay, Abby!


Abby said...

Thanks Meagan! Yeah, the whole collating thing took forEVER. But it's out of my hands, now. I'll probably write more about it all later. For now, I'm watching crappy t.v. Hooray!

Suzanne said...

Hurray for Abby!

Hootah said...

Abby is a rock star!

Anonymous said...

Hooray from Iowa!!
But suhi? nasty