Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Deadline

Hi, all--

After all the good vibes and good news last week, I have a deadline now that I need to maintain (it was a soft deadline before, now it's firm). I need to have the diss finished by mid-August. I might not defend until September, and that's OK. I need to have it turned in by mid-August. That gives me two months. I have about 240 finished pages that are fairly polished, I need to flesh out about another 100 (spread over three chapters) in order to finish the whole project. I have all my data, I've more-or-less outlined the remaining chapters, and I'm no longer at a stage where I care much about it being the best piece of scholarship ever. (I don't want it to be laughable, but it doesn't have to be perfect.)

So, I have 75 days (the week before classes begin) to get this done. And I think this is completely doable.


Abby said...

it IS completely do-able. And LONG Billie. Geez!

You'll get it done, and then be on to better things, for certain.

Hootah said...

Gah! Exactly everything Abby said!!

Hootah said...

Size doesn't, right? *sheepish grin*

Billie said...

Thanks you gals! And, uh, Hootah . . . . the size thing? I suppose it depends on, um, one's preference?!?!? I think what I've got will be just right when it's done. ;-) [*blushes*]

Bionic-Woman said...

Not only completely doable but I hope easily so, although I guess that might have something to do with individual size preferences ;-). Good luck Bille. I'm hoping to stick to a similar timeline - although I'm hardly in the kind of good shape you seem to be in (knock on wood re: you). Waking up without having to write/dissertate seems to be imminent...woohoo! Holler if we, the blogosphere, can provide you any kind of support as you plod your way through it. Cheers!