Friday, June 6, 2008

Good Vibes Request


Trapeze Artists and Life Changes: The last time I was thinking about a significant life change, a friend told me to think about trapeze artists. The trapeze artist, he said, has to be willing to let go of the trapeze she's on in order to catch the next one coming her way. In other words, she can't hold on to one while waiting on the other. She has to be willing to free fall for a few seconds before that next trapeze comes to her. How scary that thought was at the time. How scary it is again today. Yet, I'm willing to let go of the trapeze to catch the next one, to catch that next segment of my life. I'm ready today.

Thanks for the good vibes, folks. I felt' em, I did. :-)

I'm going to be a bit cryptic here, because I am not anonymous on this (or any other) blog. But I let go of the trapeze (metaphorically speaking) earlier today by turning away from what had become a very difficult situation. In letting go of the trapeze I was taking a risk that the next trapeze wasn't going to be available. But I was wrong. It was. The person I spoke with (this person has some position), was excited about the possibilities I proposed, possibilities that could benefit this department and me. Nothing is formalized yet, but it looks good. I'll say more as I know more, but thanks you guys. You rock!


Hootah said...

I'm super curious! Good vibes are en route to you!!

Bionic-Woman said...

Sending tons of good vibes your way...I'm one of those people who have faith that things fall into place if you let them. Trapeze away - and do post an update as soon as you can. Good luck!