Monday, June 2, 2008

Writing of a Different Kind

Hi, boot campers. I haven't written on the dissertation in a few days, but I'm finding that when I can't look at the diss any longer, I move to something else, something equally as important but different, and I work on that. I can still feel productive. This new work may not be as immediate as the dissertation, but it is no less important as I move toward the job market stage: a publishable article, job market materials, and a new/improved teaching portfolio.

These artifacts take time, and at least for me, they take a lot of time. While I think I can write just fine, I am a terrible typist. I am constantly dropping words or misspelling something and I just can't see that need for correction when I review the work (if you read my main blog, you know exactly what I'm talking about here!). While on the blog, I don't much care if I have mistyped something, on job materials or in the teaching portfolio, I have to care. But aside from little typos, just the constructing of the materials takes time. A lot of time.

I have constructed a list of the things I need (updated CV, syllabi, statement of teaching philosophy, etc), and as I have some time, I work on ONE of these items. When it's done and filed away (electronically), I can move on to the next item. I don't have time to work on the whole thing at one time . . . but little by little ("bird by bird"), I can get this work done, too.

Do you guys have any hints or tricks about the fastest, most accurate, best way of constructing these materials?


Abby said...

Oh I wish I had good advice for you here, Billie. I think I had seven or eight drafts of my one-page teaching philosophy alone, so how to be more efficient? I don't know. I sent a ton of drafts to my wonderful chair and nit-picked my c.v. when I couldn't seem to do anything else. My research is really closely linked to teaching, so I didn't do two versions of my c.v. or teaching philosophy, but I did do two different "templates" for my cover letter. I'd be happy to send you anything I have if it would make this process easier.

Billie said...

Oooooo, Abby. Could I borrow the template for your cover letter? I have no idea what this should look like or what it should contain. I hear stories, but I've never seen one. I'll buy you a virtual drink on Facebook. ;-)

Hootah said...

I'd be willing to share my job search materials too if you're interested Billie. My cover letter is decent. I did get a job after all! ;)

Billie said...

Oh, Hootah, yes, please send you version. I'd buy you a drink on Facebook too if we were friends out there. :-) [you can friend me if you like]

You can send copies to partsnpieces [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thanks, and congrats on the job!!! Can you share a little about your job-search process and where you landed????

Abby said...

Sending them now Billie. Anything else you want, just let me know.

Also, would it be useful to do a sort of "job search" thread here? I know a few of us were on the job market, a few of us are going on the job market. Do you want to throw out some questions you have and we can answer them or not answer them as we feel comfortable? Just a suggestion.

Hootah said...

I too am willing to share my tidbits on the job search. I gave a brown bag (lunch time) presentation to my colleagues on the process and could send my packet to those who are interested. You can pick through it and see what it helpful, what's not, etc.